Autumn Celebration Week Menu 26th, 27th, 28th

23 Sep

As you might have noticed the weather has changed and autumn has begun; another exciting season for the vegan variety of food.

Tuesday 25th:

 We will celebrate the beginning of autumn with a beetroot fözelék, which is a Hungarian mixture between soup and stew, accompanied with zucchini rissole and vakaro with sesame seeds. Vakaro is a typical Roma bread recipe, which we will prepare for you with full grain flower. As a desert we serve a wonderful autumn fruit salad with grape, plum, apple, pear and hazel nuts.

We use full grain flour in our kitchen as it provides your body with iron that is necessary for blood production and facilitates concentration, calcium, which is good for your bones-, makes them strong, and magnesium which is necessary for healthy and well functioning muscles.

Wednesday 26th:

 To continue the celebration of autumn we serve you a fresh vegetable salad with orange dressing, because we want to use the occasion  before the fresh vegetables disappear from the fields. After this light entrée a plate of vegan Spaghetti Bolognese, should fill your stomach with a warm and protein rich plate, before a dried fruit pudding will leave you with an amazing taste experience.

Thursday 27th:

 This is a special raw food menu, to say thank you to the person that offers us the kitchen for the Kakadu Kitchen Project. Our friend follows a diet where nothing is heated above 40°C. To introduce you to raw food we prepare mushroom burgers with salad, a lien tooth turbo mix smoothy and a big piece of raw cake.

Lien tooth is good for the skin and to clean the liver.

Order! Enjoy! Share! Smile!

With passion,

Kakadu Kitchen.


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