Re-Opening Letter

23 Sep

Kakadu-Kitchen is our contribution to a more fair, healthy and sustainable world through vegan food.  We believe that the way and what we consume has an impact on our body and wellbeing, while it is also micro activism, opposing an unjust, exploitative and destructive food industry.

From our experience we know that a vegan diet is either time or cost intensive. Therefore, we want to share our knowledge and skills by delivering three times a week vegan food. If you want to learn more about vegan cooking we are also happy to share our knowledge in exchange for your help.


The menu consists of three parts: a main dish, completed by different combinations of two of the following salad, soup, dessert, or fruit juice. More information about the ingredients can be found in the weekly menu, which we publish every Sunday afternoon. Check our blog and facebook or subscribe to our menu-mailing list (

If you have special dietary needs (gluten/sugar free) it should not hinder you from ordering from us. Indicate your wish and we will consider it.


We deliver every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-2pm.

For special events we also cater outside of this schedule. For more information please contact us directly.


We deliver in Budapest centre around the area of Deak Ference Ter (e.g. CEU, …..). If you are not in this area, you can still order from us. You can either come to meet us at Deak Ference Ter or if you are a group of five or more people, we can also make an extra bike delivery to your place.


What we would like is a donation of 1000 Huf. This would cover our main expenses. Higher donations between 1500Huf-2000Huf would allow us to live form Kakadu-Kitchen initiative and to continue and expand our project, e.g. investing more into community building.

As we strive towards a sustainable kitchen and food delivery, we provide reusable food containers in exchange for 500Huf.

To show your satisfaction and support you can be creative or chose to tip us : )


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