Asian-Flavour-Fusion Week Menu

6 Oct

For this weeks menu we got inspired by all the amazing flavours the Asian
cuisine has to offer. It is the fusion between what the vegetable market of
Budapest has to offer and the originality of recipes of Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.

Tuesday 2nd of October:

Today is dedicated to the Malaysian kitchen. We start with an apple-lime juice, followed by the main dish, rice with an amazingly tasty Macadamia nut Curry comprising onion, tofu, eggplant, mushrooms, and greens. As dessert we serve you Apam Balek, „The Brother is coming back“- sweet coconut pancakes with corn.

Wednesday 3rd of October:
Today we serve you some of the most popular Asian dishes with a Vietnamese-Indonesian touch. As a starter we propose special vegan spring roles stuffed with a variety a seasonal selection of vegetables. The main dish is noodles with fried vegetables in a delicious peanut sauce, and on the side vegetable sticks with mango cream.

Thursday 4th of October:

One of our favourite food philosophers are routed in a Japanese cooking
tradition. Therefore we dedicate this day to the Japanese kitchen: Miso soup,
Sushi: Avocado-Maki and Cucumber-Maki, fried banana.


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