4th week with Klit opening

7 Oct

 Dear All Vegan Friends,

This week we will serve you lunch only twice but instead you have the chance to get dinner on Thursday evening at the KLIT opening, the queer-feminist space we are part of.

Tuesday 9th of October:

Today is again dedicated to Hungarian specialities prepared with seasonable tasty vegetables and fruits. The main dish is a salty pancake called Hortobágyi palacsinta served with a soya mushroom goulash, vegan tejföl and pickles. To complete the dish stuffed baked apples with tahini and raisins will delight you as

Wednesday 10th of October: 

As we want you to get well, healthy and happy through autumn we prepare a special Motherearthsoup with is made out of the variety of root vegetables with roasted Pumpkin seeds. After a rich soup you can enjoy our homemade plum dumplings as a second plate. For the daily vitamins we serve you a pear banana smoothy.

Thursday 11th of October: 

Today you have the unique chance to meet your cooks and the wider activist setting in which we move. It is the day of the opening of the feminist space we are part of called KLIT. Kakadu Kitchen will support the opening event with some delights: Mexican bean cream with Tortillasfresh salads, apple-carrot-pear juice and our best cakes, raw vegan cake and chocolate cake. You are very welcome to join us at the Klit opening. For more details please see the facebook event.


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