Kakadu Autumn Celebration 5th Week

15 Oct

For this weeks menu we felt inspired by all the colours the trees start so show. Therefore the menu is structured according to colours this season brings.

16th of October:
Today pumpkin spaghetti will delight our eyes and mouth with a bright orange and an amazing taste. To complete this warm and filling dish a carrot apple salad with a fruity note will be served on the side. The surprise of the day will be a yellow lemon pie.

17th of October:
After the orange day we decided for a creamy white celery soup and some tasty rissole, made out of different grains and vegies, that turn form a bright white, light green brown into a crusty gold. The maroon-nut pudding for desert takes up again this soft cream white with golden brown.

18th of October:
The top of the celebration week are all colours and tastes harmoniously put together in a plate composed of a variety of fried veggies in chickpea flower with a colourful fruit sauce andchapatti, some fresh veggies aside to complete the wrap you can form out of it. And to cheer to the upcoming  weekend and vegan kitchen there will be a lion tooth  tourmix/smoothy waiting for you.

We are looking forward to share our passionate food with you this week,
just let us know when and where you would like to receive it.



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