Pumpkin week

23 Oct

Dear Kakadu friends,

we hope you had a good weekend and a enjoyable holliday. For the remaining three working days we offer you again a rich menu.
Just let us know when and where you would like to taste our delicacies.

Another lovely week in autumn on which we want to share our passion for cooking with you! As a theme we felt inspired by Halloween and its symbol, the pumpkin. Let your self be surprised by the astonishing variety in which this vegetable can be prepared.


Wednesday, 24th of October:
A warm pumpkin cream soup will serve as the entrée, which is followed by an aromatic onion mushroom pie, which will complement the flavour of pumpkin and texture of the soup with its crusty base made out of a brown-rice wheat flower dough (or pure rice flower if you indicate it on time). As a dessert a seasonal fruit salad will delight your palate and body with sweetness and vitamins.


Thursday, 25th of October:
After soup and pie we will have a protein rich seitan ragout with an excellent potato puree. This filling dish goes well with the subtle taste of Chinese cabbage, which will be rounded of with the sweetly fresh taste of oranges, put together as a salad. Today the pumpkin comes as dessert, fried with caramelized sugar with a touch of cinnamon and nuts.


Friday, 26th of October:
Today pumpkin takes the centre stage forming part of the main dish, pumpkin-buckwheat-risotto with dried plums. The Halloween smoothy gives you the necessary vitamins and home made ginger bread will enchant you with its fantastic aroma.


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