Menu for the 6-7-8th of November

5 Nov

Hello Kakadu Friends,

The menu for the next week is going to be full of playful variety of nutritions.

We encountered a lot of confusion with the price, therefore we decided to make it easier for all of us and fixed it to 1300HUF.
In the first week we have a great offer for you; if you order every day you just pay 3500HUF.

We hope you gonna enjoy our menu and service.
Peanutty Pumpkin Stew with potatos

purple cabbage salad with fresh apple pieces and coriander

grape apple ginger fruit juice.

fresh veggie-bean burrito with home made tortilla,

citrus salade,
fruity chocolate cake with king dates on the top

Borscs (beet root soup),

whole grain spaghetti with walnut broccoli pesto,

fresh green salade with sweet mustard dressing
Please note that our phone number changed; for spontaneous orders or more information you can call 06702647202.
With food passion,
the inspired Kakadus.

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