Kakadu Vegan Kitchen

Kakadu is a sustainable community project launched by queer feminists.

We have remarkable experience and success in catering for cultural and social events, like Katalizator Award, Klit opening, Museum Pedagogy workshop for children, Tranzit.blog.hu events, Budapest Pride after party, birthdays and weddings. At this point we also want to mention our political engagement with initiatives like Food not bombs, Szatyor etc. As we are devoted to the communities we come from, we like to support with our food activists, students, human rights organisations and precarious workers. Therefore we sell our generous portions of balanced and healthy lunches for a fixed price, of 1300Huf. If you are interested in supporting our initiative collaborate with us or chose us as your catering.

Vegan food proofs to be one of the most healthy diets, it is cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, delicious and regular food, but it is also special. We offer you:

Catering for events such as receptions, birthday and other parties;

Daily menus (on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

–  Upon request allergies, gluten intolerance, diabetes, or candida diet can be respected.

Open your minds and mouths to Kakadu vegan cuisine – your taste-buds and wallets, and enjoy your choice and contribution to social and environmental change!

Look us up on FB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kakadu-Kitchen-Bp/


Kakadu-Kitchen is our contribution to a more fair, healthy and sustainable world through vegan food.  We believe that the way and what we consume has an impact on our body and wellbeing, while it is also micro activism, opposing an unjust, exploitative and destructive food industry.

From our experience we know that a vegan diet is either time or cost intensive. Therefore, we want to share our knowledge and skills by delivering three times a week vegan food. If you want to learn more about vegan cooking we are also happy to share our knowledge in exchange for your help.

 Register by sending an email to kakadu.nyami.hami@gmail.com and you will receive our weekly menu updates.

We delivemeals to your home or workplace between 12pm-2pm on bikes. Please place your orders one day in advance. Include your address and contact info. We reserve the right to changes in the menu.

If you choose Kakadu Kitchen you also choose me as one of your personal cooks.

My name is Rebekka and the most important for me about cooking are the flavours, tastes, textures and colours of ingredients.To me preparing food is magical.

The on-going journey of becoming a vegan chef took me to Honduras, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany, magical places that inspire my dishes.

My name is Betti, but you can also call me Misha, or Bigri-B.

My passion is cooking.

The other one is rotation.

And the third is reformation.

My journey into cooking reflects my vagabondage into diverse places, that I had the chance to discover always with an open mind, since my early age.

I always respected gurus of delicious flavours and I tried to keep my sensations open to learn from them.

This is where I get inspiration to make the food succulent.

That’s what I want to share with you and make a proof that there is nothing impossible and anyone can fall in love with the *subliminal message of the beneficial impact of the vegan kitchen, on the body,  soul and intellectual level.

*subliminal messages are unobservable information for the consciousness, that have an effect on our behaviour

Do it, organize it, shape it and eat it!:)

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