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Menu for the 20th-21st-22nd of November

18 Nov

Hello Friends!

Here is our menu for the next week.
We hope we can excites your taste with it.:)
The good news for the next week, our menu is 1000Ft again and the TIP is is very very SEXY!:))
If you have any special diet we gonna charge for the speial ingridients 500Ft from you.

-ginger-broccolisoup with roasted almond flakes on the top
-bolognai spaghetti alla Kakadu
-green vitamin bomb salade

-loosing your mind celery-tomato cabbage stew with seitan
-apple rice with dried fruits and roasted wallnuts
-tropical juice with mangopuree

-south korean sea fruit soup with tofu
-korean salade sandwich with rice, onion, potato, soy sauce, pckles
-caramelized seeds biscuit



Life elixir menu:)

15 Nov



Tulsi holy basil tea – strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, adaptogenic and immune-enhancing properties that promote general health and support the body’s natural defense against stress and illness

Couscous with Fall Vegetables, Caramelized Onions and Peanut Butter Sauce

Lemon-Cranberry-Pistachio Cookies



celery cream soup with roasted seeds

quinoa salade with fried mixed veggies

bread crumb carrot cake –



vegan spanish tortilla with garlic, spinach, and mixed veggies 


Citrus Beet Salad with Creamy Avocado Lime Dressing

anti ageing elixir -cucumber; carrot, red grapes; beetroot, celery

Menu for the 6-7-8th of November

5 Nov

Hello Kakadu Friends,

The menu for the next week is going to be full of playful variety of nutritions.

We encountered a lot of confusion with the price, therefore we decided to make it easier for all of us and fixed it to 1300HUF.
In the first week we have a great offer for you; if you order every day you just pay 3500HUF.

We hope you gonna enjoy our menu and service.
Peanutty Pumpkin Stew with potatos

purple cabbage salad with fresh apple pieces and coriander

grape apple ginger fruit juice.

fresh veggie-bean burrito with home made tortilla,

citrus salade,
fruity chocolate cake with king dates on the top

Borscs (beet root soup),

whole grain spaghetti with walnut broccoli pesto,

fresh green salade with sweet mustard dressing
Please note that our phone number changed; for spontaneous orders or more information you can call 06702647202.
With food passion,
the inspired Kakadus.

Pumpkin week

23 Oct

Dear Kakadu friends,

we hope you had a good weekend and a enjoyable holliday. For the remaining three working days we offer you again a rich menu.
Just let us know when and where you would like to taste our delicacies.

Another lovely week in autumn on which we want to share our passion for cooking with you! As a theme we felt inspired by Halloween and its symbol, the pumpkin. Let your self be surprised by the astonishing variety in which this vegetable can be prepared.


Wednesday, 24th of October:
A warm pumpkin cream soup will serve as the entrée, which is followed by an aromatic onion mushroom pie, which will complement the flavour of pumpkin and texture of the soup with its crusty base made out of a brown-rice wheat flower dough (or pure rice flower if you indicate it on time). As a dessert a seasonal fruit salad will delight your palate and body with sweetness and vitamins.


Thursday, 25th of October:
After soup and pie we will have a protein rich seitan ragout with an excellent potato puree. This filling dish goes well with the subtle taste of Chinese cabbage, which will be rounded of with the sweetly fresh taste of oranges, put together as a salad. Today the pumpkin comes as dessert, fried with caramelized sugar with a touch of cinnamon and nuts.


Friday, 26th of October:
Today pumpkin takes the centre stage forming part of the main dish, pumpkin-buckwheat-risotto with dried plums. The Halloween smoothy gives you the necessary vitamins and home made ginger bread will enchant you with its fantastic aroma.

Kakadu Autumn Celebration 5th Week

15 Oct

For this weeks menu we felt inspired by all the colours the trees start so show. Therefore the menu is structured according to colours this season brings.

16th of October:
Today pumpkin spaghetti will delight our eyes and mouth with a bright orange and an amazing taste. To complete this warm and filling dish a carrot apple salad with a fruity note will be served on the side. The surprise of the day will be a yellow lemon pie.

17th of October:
After the orange day we decided for a creamy white celery soup and some tasty rissole, made out of different grains and vegies, that turn form a bright white, light green brown into a crusty gold. The maroon-nut pudding for desert takes up again this soft cream white with golden brown.

18th of October:
The top of the celebration week are all colours and tastes harmoniously put together in a plate composed of a variety of fried veggies in chickpea flower with a colourful fruit sauce andchapatti, some fresh veggies aside to complete the wrap you can form out of it. And to cheer to the upcoming  weekend and vegan kitchen there will be a lion tooth  tourmix/smoothy waiting for you.

We are looking forward to share our passionate food with you this week,
just let us know when and where you would like to receive it.



4th week with Klit opening

7 Oct

 Dear All Vegan Friends,

This week we will serve you lunch only twice but instead you have the chance to get dinner on Thursday evening at the KLIT opening, the queer-feminist space we are part of.

Tuesday 9th of October:

Today is again dedicated to Hungarian specialities prepared with seasonable tasty vegetables and fruits. The main dish is a salty pancake called Hortobágyi palacsinta served with a soya mushroom goulash, vegan tejföl and pickles. To complete the dish stuffed baked apples with tahini and raisins will delight you as

Wednesday 10th of October: 

As we want you to get well, healthy and happy through autumn we prepare a special Motherearthsoup with is made out of the variety of root vegetables with roasted Pumpkin seeds. After a rich soup you can enjoy our homemade plum dumplings as a second plate. For the daily vitamins we serve you a pear banana smoothy.

Thursday 11th of October: 

Today you have the unique chance to meet your cooks and the wider activist setting in which we move. It is the day of the opening of the feminist space we are part of called KLIT. Kakadu Kitchen will support the opening event with some delights: Mexican bean cream with Tortillasfresh salads, apple-carrot-pear juice and our best cakes, raw vegan cake and chocolate cake. You are very welcome to join us at the Klit opening. For more details please see the facebook event.

Asian-Flavour-Fusion Week Menu

6 Oct

For this weeks menu we got inspired by all the amazing flavours the Asian
cuisine has to offer. It is the fusion between what the vegetable market of
Budapest has to offer and the originality of recipes of Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.

Tuesday 2nd of October:

Today is dedicated to the Malaysian kitchen. We start with an apple-lime juice, followed by the main dish, rice with an amazingly tasty Macadamia nut Curry comprising onion, tofu, eggplant, mushrooms, and greens. As dessert we serve you Apam Balek, „The Brother is coming back“- sweet coconut pancakes with corn.

Wednesday 3rd of October:
Today we serve you some of the most popular Asian dishes with a Vietnamese-Indonesian touch. As a starter we propose special vegan spring roles stuffed with a variety a seasonal selection of vegetables. The main dish is noodles with fried vegetables in a delicious peanut sauce, and on the side vegetable sticks with mango cream.

Thursday 4th of October:

One of our favourite food philosophers are routed in a Japanese cooking
tradition. Therefore we dedicate this day to the Japanese kitchen: Miso soup,
Sushi: Avocado-Maki and Cucumber-Maki, fried banana.