Political Pancake

In order to make delicious vegan pancakes it is recommendable to do them on a day when you have brown rice left over.

Full grain rice is an important component of the vegan diet due to its nutritional value and not wasting food, but re-using it in a creative way a political act to reduce food waste and waste production in general.

1: Use precooked rice and blend it until it turns into a smooth paste.

2: Add:

– flower (one type or like the ones we made today half full grain half white wheat flower), half of the volume of the rice paste

-one tablespoon of bicarbonate (this makes them soft and “fluffy”)

-some salt and curry powder

-a splash of vinegar

-some sesame seeds (only if you like, add some aroma to it

-a lot of water (start with ½ of the volume of the dry ingredients)

3: Mix it well until it is a smooth mixture.

4: Let it rest for 15 minutes, mix again and add water in case the mixture isn’t watery anymore.

5: Heat the pan and add a splash of olive oil.

6: Bake your first pancake.

Try it!

Now add more salt and a little bit of curry if you want to enhance the flavour. If it was difficult to turn the pancake you probably should add some more white flower to the mixture.

Continue… and enjoy!


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